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MBK MSK Mid Year Video

Welcome to the mid-year Month in Review for the My Brother's Keeper (MBK) and My Sister's Keeper (MSK) programs! We've had an amazing few months and are excited to share some of the incredible highlights from September through December.

The September video highlighted the impressive achievements of the MBK and MSK programs, including their efforts to provide education, mentorship, and support for young people of color. The video showcased many success stories of young people who have benefited from the programs, highlighting the important role that parents, educators, and community leaders play in supporting the growth and success of young people of color.

In October, the video celebrated the unique experiences and opportunities that MBK and MSK are providing to young people of color across the country. The visit of Poly High School to American Airlines was a key highlight, providing students with an inside look at the aviation industry and the various job roles involved. Additionally, the Wifi organization outing to the Monster Truck Rally and the Northside High School Camping Trip provided young people with valuable opportunities to build social skills, make new friends, and explore the world around them.

November's video showcased recent events and experiences, including the Poly High School visit to American Airlines and the Northside TCU Field Trip. These types of experiences provide young people with valuable skills, insights, and preparation for their futures. Through mentorship, education, and growth opportunities, MBK and MSK are creating a brighter future for young people of color across the country.

And now, we move onto the December Month in Review, which featured Poly High School's visit to American Airlines, sponsored by the American Airlines Black Professional Network. The students were able to learn about the aviation industry and explore potential career paths. American Airlines even rewarded students with the highest GPAs in the group with brand new laptops, a fantastic way to encourage and support academic excellence.

We're so grateful for the support of American Airlines and the Black Professional Network and their investment in the education and success of young men and women of color in the Fort Worth ISD. Thank you for joining us on this mid-year update, and we can't wait to see what exciting opportunities and experiences are in store for MBK and MSK in the new year!

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