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MBK MSK March in Review

Welcome to the March Month in Review for MBK and MSK! This month was filled with exciting activities and events that we can't wait to share with you.

To celebrate Caesar Chavez and Delores Huerta Day of Service, we teamed up with Northside MBK to commission a beautiful MBK mural on the Northside of Fort Worth. This incredible work of art was created by famous Fort Worth artist Juan Velazquez, and depicts Kukulkan, a Mayan serpent deity, as a symbol of strength, power, and resilience. We're so proud to have this beautiful mural as a testament to the work and dedication of MBK and MSK programs in the community.

We also had a community police summit, which brought together community leaders, law enforcement officials, and young people to discuss important issues related to policing and community engagement. This was a valuable opportunity for young people to share their perspectives and experiences, and for law enforcement officials to hear from and connect with the communities they serve.

Additionally, MBK and MSK students had the opportunity to visit TCU, where they attended a college fair and learned about the college application process. This experience provided valuable insights and inspiration for young people as they consider their future educational and career paths.

Finally, we had a blast practicing fraternity step moves at Dunbar High School. Through these types of fun and engaging activities, we're able to build a sense of community and connection among young people of color across the Fort Worth area.

Overall, the March Month in Review Video is a powerful testament to the important work being done by MBK and MSK programs to support young people of color and build strong, connected communities. We can't wait to see what exciting opportunities and experiences are in store for the future!

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