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Edmond A. Breaux Jr.

Media and Marketing Director

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My Story So Far...

       Edmond A. Breaux Jr. serves as a beacon of creativity and authenticity in the ever-evolving media landscape. As the Media and Marketing Director for the MBK/MSK program, Edmond's proficiency lies in encapsulating the heart of the initiative, offering the community a compelling window into its impact. In tandem with this role, he's also the driving force behind Made By Breaux, LLC, a pioneering branding company in Fort Worth, Texas, that he co-founded with his wife in 2015.

        Flaunting an impressive repertoire, Edmond wears many hats – photographer, videographer, graphic and web designer, and audio engineer. Yet, his role isn't restricted to just these verticals. He actively contributes back to the community by mentoring young men under the My Brother's Keeper Program, ensuring they have the guidance and support needed for a bright future.

        Edmond's professional journey is dotted with collaborations with esteemed entities like Sodexo Magic, American Airlines, National Medical Association, and Doc Griggs Enterprises. However, what truly sets him apart is his inherent understanding of people, forming the bedrock of his sustainable business practices. As he often states, business for him isn't just about the monetary aspect, but more about nurturing and cementing relationships.

         On the upcoming podcast, anticipate an insightful discourse with Edmond A. Breaux Jr., an individual who seamlessly blends creativity, community engagement, and a unique business philosophy. His extensive experience and genuine likability promise engaging conversations, sure to captivate and inspire listeners.

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Breaux in Session.

MBK/MSK Media.

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